You may already know that regular physical activity can help you remain strong and healthy – but did you also know that the strength and balance skills you gain will also help you prevent falls as you age?

Now that the winter months are here, sidewalks and snow drifts can make it more difficult to get around. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and enjoying all the great activities Kingston has to offer!

Simple balance exercises such as knee or side leg raises can help prepare your body in the event that you need to balance yourself on a slippery or uneven surface. Practicing step-ups and moving from a sit to stand will help to improve your body’s stability for practical things like going up and down stairs or getting out of your car. Try these exercises for 5-8 repetitions a day to keep moving and improve your body awareness. If you feel unstable during any of these movements, hold onto a counter, chair or railing to steady yourself.

Find the activity that works for you! Did you know the Kingston Gets Active website has an Active Places search tool for finding activities suited to your activity and skill level? The Resources page available on the website can also direct you to local community groups for healthy, active living such as the Kingston Community Health Centres or the KFL&A Public Health Unit.

For more information on Falls Prevention, check the KFL&A Public Health website.


Submitted by Amanda Gilbert, Kingston Gets Active Ambassador

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