Physical activity is important at any age and for every body. You are never too young or too old to start, to revisit or to continue being active. Check out all the information on how, when and where to get active for:

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Did you know that healthy sleep is more than the amount of time you spend sleeping, but also considers consistency of bedtimes and waketimes, the ease at which you fall asleep, and how refreshing your sleep feels? The more rested you feel from a good night’s sleep, the more energy you’ll have to move more and sit less throughout the day.

If you’re interested in learning more about healthy sleep or want tips to sleep better, check out this website page from KFL&A Public Health! They have information from reliable resources, and specialized tips for individuals employed in shift work.

Sedentary behaviour

Sedentary behaviour involves activities we do when we are sitting, reclining or lying down and expending very little energy. And it’s not always bad! There are beneficial activities that can take place when you are sedentary, such as reading or catching up on the phone with a friend. Activities like these are great for cognitive development and social connections, but prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour should be broken up and not exceed limits recommended by the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines. Check out this website page from KFL&A Public Health to learn more age-specific information and recommendations about reducing sedentary behaviour!

Physical Activity

If you’re looking for information about incorporating physical activity in your life, whether you’re 81 or 18, KGA is the right place to be! We also want to share the Physical Activity website from KFL&A Public Health that has even more information and age-specific tips and benefits. Check it out!

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