How You Can Get Active!

For important fitness benefits, adults with a spinal cord injury should engage in at least 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic activity 2 days a week, along with strength training exercises 2 days a week.DSCN0814

Meeting these guidelines may also reduce fatigue, improve mobility and enhance elements of health related to quality of life. Social connectedness, positive self-concept and psychological well-being are all positive outcomes of being physically active in your community.

Check out our places resource to find an activity that interests you!

Interested in Learning More? Read the Canadian guidelines.

Testimonial from a Father…

Jason“Since joining Revved Up, my daughter, Lisa, has become so strong and very motivated. She can now lift her right arm up to her chest and her hand has become very strong. She  can now walk with a quad cane and assistance. Moreover, she has gained confidence because of the strength she has gained and she can’t say enough about the program. Lisa’s balance has improved as well as she can now transfer herself from chair to bed and back to her wheelchair again.”
-Dave (Father of Lisa)

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