For instructions on how to use the map, scroll to the bottom.

How to use this interactive map:

There are three ways to search:

1 Allow the browser to share your location with the map (There was likely a pop-up when you first came to the page. If you didn’t see it, that’s not a problem, because you can enter an address.). Type an activity into the first box, choose your radius in the second and then either leave the word ‘Location’ in place (it will use your current location) or enter an address. Press Go!
2 Click on as many of the activities and parameters as you want. Just those locators will show on the map.
3  Search through the list. Activities, places and organizations are listed in alphabetical order. When you click on a list item, it will give you more information.

On the map, you can click on a locator icon to see which activity is there. Activities/places/organizations that are clustered together can be seen separately as you zoom in on the map.

If you find an error or have updated information, please let us know. You can also use our Active Places Submission form if you have information about an organization, activitiy or place that you think should be added to this map.

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