The Revved Up Exercise Program is a community-based exercise program for individuals in the greater Kingston community who are living with a disability. Their vision includes:

  1. To provide world-class, community-based exercise programming that fosters healthy living and quality of life among people living with mobility impairment, intellectual disability and/or cancer.
  2. To develop generations of health professionals sensitive to and educated about the fitness and lifestyle considerations for people with disability and/or chronic disease.

Read testimonials about their program below!

“Since joining Revved Up, Lisa has become so strong and very motivated. She can now lift her right arm up to her chest and her hand has become very strong. She can now walk with a quad cane and assistance. Moreover, she has gained confidence because of the strength she has gained and she can’t say enough about the program. Lisa’s balance has improved as well as she can now transfer herself from chair to bed and back to her wheelchair again.”

-Dave, father of Lisa, stroke survivor

“[Revved Up] has afforded me the opportunity to work out in an environment that is adapted to my needs as a paraplegic and a wheelchair user with Spina Bifida.”

-Trish, Kingston resident with Spina Bifida 

“I was born with Cerebral Palsy and often find it hard to get proper exercise. Revved Up has satisfied that need for over 2 years now…It has also helped me to gain the flexibility I need to get dressed in the morning and do other activities that I want to do.”

-Glenda, Kingston resident with Cerebral Palsy 

“I look forward to each visit, especially working with the volunteers as they help me toward my fitness goals.”

-Mary, stroke survivor

“The program is not only affordable, it has allowed my dad one on one assistance; it has increase his mobility considerably. Working with his upper body (arms etc) has allowed him to use his walker easily, moving it up and down stairs at home, along with gaining strength in his legs which allows him to do more walking in the summer months.”

-Vicki, daughter of Fred, a stroke survivor 

“I live in a group home and unfortunately my support staff do not always have the time to assist me with daily exercise. I attend the program twice a week and have noticed a difference in the range of motion in my upper body. My friends have noticed a difference in my energy levels and I am sleeping better at night.”

-Andrew, a Kingston resident with Cerebral Palsy 

“I have been a participant since its start-up…Revved Up gives me the opportunity to socialize while getting a workout with volunteer staff to assist with my exercise program. The staff are very knowledgeable and offer new ideas and ways to make daily things easier.”

-Stephen, Kingston resident with Cerebral Palsy 

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