Run. Jump. Play. Everyday.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy develops as children gain the skills, confidence, and love of movement they need to be physically active for life.

Physical Literacy at Home: Fun ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

Toddlers and preschoolers need at least 3 hours of physical activity every day. Here are some ideas to get active:

Gather these household items:

Try these activities:

With a dish towel, masking tape or small pillow…

Create an obstacle course.
Crawl, hop, skip or run.

Obstacle course

With a scarf…

Toss the scarf in the air. Turn, clap and catch it.playing with a scarf

With a card from your deck of playing cards…

The number on the card represents the number of times to spin, touch toes or balance on that number of body parts, etc.

With a ball or small stuffed toy…

Roll or kick the ball back and forth. Practice throwing the small stuffed toy underhand, back and forth.

Playing with balls

Using a dish towel, paper towel or toilet paper roll as a target…

Roll the ball towards the target. Kick the ball towards the target.

Playing with a ball and paper towel roll.

With a skipping rope, or long piece of rope…

Place it on the floor, jump back and forth over it.

Focus on fun and play as your child continues to develop physical literacy.

Invent your own activities and discover more ideas! » » » »

Download Our Parent Booklet:  Physical Literacy at Home and Outdoors: Active Ideas for the Early Years (ages 0-6)

Filled with activities to do with your child to get them more active and physically literate!  Includes the popular FUNtervals.

Check out a Play Kit:

play kit

The Play Kits promote physical literacy and help Kingston families and community members to be active. There are two different kinds of Play Kits. Each one focuses on the development needs of a specific group:

Starter Kits:  For children 0-6, movement experiences help young children develop jumping, throwing,catching, kicking, hitting and balancing.

Family Kits: For use by the entire family, small or large, to continue to develop sport specific fundamentals.  Includes a Family Kit Resource Booklet of Activities.

Starter Kits and Family Kits are available to borrow at two locations:

Play Kit Check-out locations:

  • City of Kingston, Rideau Heights Community Centre, 85 MacCauley St. -Starter Kits and Family Kits available to check out year round.
  • Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation, 119 Van Order Dr.– Starter Kits available to check out during July & Aug.

Sign-Out Procedure

  • Only City of Kingston, Rideau Heights Community Centre, 85 MacCauley St, signs out the Play Kits year round.
  • Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation, 119 Van Order Dr signs out Play Kits for the months of July and August.
  • Individuals must show photo ID and provide their name, phone #, email, address.
  • Each location determines the length of time that a kit can be borrowed.

Sport for Life (S4L) is a national movement that was started to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. S4L Kingston is increasing opportunities for sport and recreation activities in the Kingston area.

The Teddy Throw

Train Station

Creative Balances

Leap Frog

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