Active living in Kingston Ontario

Active Transportation Gets You Moving in Kingston


The Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation (KCAT) has just published their first newsletter.  It is filled with all the ways that active transportation is being encouraging in Kingston and ways for you to get involved in the movement.

Active Transportation refers to any form of human powered travel:  walking, cycling, wheeling, in-line skating, skateboarding, or even using City transit to get to work, school, or just around town.  KCAT works with a variety partners within the City of Kingston to facilitate an environment that continues to to foster Active Transportation.  Using active transportation is a great way to get active!  Find out more on the KCAT website.

Are you interested in incorporating active transportation into your daily life?  Set a goal to jump on your bike, put on your walking shoes, or hop on the bus next time you head out the door for school, work, or to run some errands.  Start with a goal of once/week or once/month and increase it from there.  You will save money, help the environment, be closer to reaching your recommended physical activity goal of 150 minutes/week, and be helping your mental health and well being.

Check out the KCAT spring newsletter to find out more about active transportation in Kingston.

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