Active living in Kingston Ontario


Who is Kington Gets Active?

iStock_000004093535XSmallWorking together in collaborative partnership, Kingston Gets Active is a dedicated team that strives to mobilize communities to increase the number of accessible active opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all Kingstonians will have access to opportunities to be physically active on a daily basis and enjoy the many health benefits that come from being physically active.


Our Mission

The goal of Kingston Gets Active is to promote, encourage, and support citizens to be active on a regular basis.

Kingston Gets Active is a community-wide initiative that raises awareness of the benefits of physical activity and helps to create and enhance opportunities that will enable our residents to be physically active on a regular basis.

KGA exists for the purpose of increasing the number of physically active citizens in Kingston. KGA works actively:

  1. To build community capacity;
  2. To link resources, events and opportunities;
  3. To reduce barriers to individual behavioural change;
  4. To create supportive environments in which our citizens learn, commute, work and play.

KGA addresses the need for a multi-level approach by implementing action plans that target various areas of community life such as educational and promotional activities; social marketing and communication; and infrastructure and public policy strategies.

Together, we can make the active choice the easy choice!

Thank you to our funders!

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Past funders include:



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Pedometer Lending Program

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