Kristin Côté
KGA Co-Coordinator

Kristin has served as the KGA Coordinator since 2010.  She has had the pleasure of connecting with many KFL&A partners, working with and training dedicated volunteers and students, coordinating workshops, training sessions & the development of new resources; she has overseen the transition to a new KGA website and social media platforms, and has been part of the exciting process of transitioning KGA to a not-for-profit organization.  She has a master’s degree in physical education and experience as a secondary school science teacher.  She also serves as a volunteer on the Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation (KCAT), advocating for more walkable, bikable and transit-friendly streets in Kingston.

Why do you think KGA is important?
Kristin is passionate about working with community and KGA partners to create more equitable opportunities for people to be physically active.  She is excited about KGA initiatives such as the grade 5 & 9 ActivPass, KGA Month, KGA volunteer ambassadors, and the KGA website, all of which provide unique opportunities for people initiate, maintain, and adopt more physically active lifestyles and access the resources and education they need to get started.  

Fun Fact – Favourite way to be physically active?
Kristin loves being active outdoors with others, especially hiking in the woods, canoeing, and cross-country skiing.  

Ashley Johnson
Board Secretary, KGA Co-Coordinator, & PhD Candidate

Ashley Johnson is currently a PhD Candidate in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies (Health Promotion Lab) at Queen’s University. Ashley’s research focuses on investigating the structures and conditions that contribute to sustainable multi-sector partnerships in community health promotion. She holds an undergraduate and Master’s degree in physical education, and a teaching degree. In 2018, Ashley received the Health Promotion Canada Recognition Award at the Doctorate Level for her community contributions in and outside the classroom. In 2015, she received the Emerging Scholar Award by the Physical and Health Education Canada Research Council based on her expertise in teaching, research and leadership. Also, in 2011 she was awarded the Young Professional Award by OPHEA for her exemplary work in the field of health and physical education. Ashley was the Director of Community Programs for the YMCA of Niagara giving her experience in the not-for-profit world as well as the opportunity to sit on various boards and committees. Additionally, in an effort to support educators and practitioners, Ashley has collaborated with Physical Health and Education Canada in developing multiple physical activity resources and workshops.

Why do you think KGA is important?
Kingston Gets Active (KGA) is the community hub for physical activity in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFL&A). For Ashley, the key to KGA’s success is its collaborative structure. The collaborative includes representatives from various organizations across different sectors working towards the shared goal of an active and healthy KFL&A community. Some of the benefits to this structure include: increased networking, information sharing, larger target populations to be reached and minimizing duplication of efforts.

Fun fact – Favourite way to be physically active?
(1) tap dancing – she spent 20+ years as a tap dancer both recreationally and competitively, and
(2) roller skating – Ashley’s original derby monicker was ‘PHDestroyer’, but when she transferred to Niagara from Kingston, she earned the name ‘Kingston’, and it stuck.

Carla Teixeira
Board Member

Carla is independently involved in all things cycling in Kingston. After getting her Master’s in Health Promotion from Queen’s University, she found that the way she wanted to promote health in Kingston was to get involved in the community. She worked at a local bike shop for six seasons and helped countless people in a retail setting by servicing bicycles as well as answering customer questions regarding cycling and active transportation. Currently, she is a board member for the Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation and a steering committee member for Gear Up! Recycled Bikes (a social enterprise from Cycle Kingston). She is also a volunteer mechanic at Yellow Bike Action, Kingston’s community bike shop.

Why do you think KGA is important?
Kingston Gets Active’s mission to improve and increase access to physical activity aligns well with Carla’s personal mission to improve the health of the community through riding bicycles. The best way to increase physical activity is to make it a part of your daily routine. How can you choose and design your life to be more active instead of sedentary? How can you engineer physical activity into your day without it being a designated workout? Transportation and recreation are clear options and the bicycle is the vehicle.

Fun fact – Favourite way to be physically active?
Carla is a year-round cycling commuter around Kingston. Whether it is to get to work, volunteering, grocery shopping, or a friend’s house, the bicycle is often how Carla stays active and transports herself around the city.

Katherine Taylor
Board Member & Registered Kinesiologist

Katherine is a Registered Kinesiologist who works on the RFLA Allied Health Team in Napanee, Ontario.  Her role is to provide individual and group based exercise programming for people with conditions such as Osteoporosis, COPD, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis etc. She spends her days providing fitness and movement assessments, creating exercise prescriptions, coaching patients to follow through on their programs, and educating patients about the role that exercise plays in the treatment, prevention, and management of their condition. Katherine has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Rehabilitation Science from the University of British Columbia.

Why do you think KGA is important?
Katherine’s education and previous career opportunities have always aligned with her mission; to promote physical activity amongst the population to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of community members. She knows the value activities bring to her health and life and feels very passionate about  supporting others in also engaging in sport or fitness. 

Fun Fact – What is your favourite way to be physically active?
Katherine has always been engaged in a variety of activities from hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, going to the gym, and playing sports.

Kori Cembal
Board Member, Student Experience Coordinator & Course Associate

Kori works in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at Queen’s University and also completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Queen’s in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies. During her studies, Kori’s research was focused on Health Promotion, more specifically looking at how extracurricular activities can impact positive youth development. Kori has worked with not-for-profit organizations across Kingston and has extensive experience in fundraising and program coordination and delivery. Kori also has over decade of volunteer experience in both coaching and officiating youth sports.

Why do you think KGA is important?
Having been involved with KGA intermittently for over a decade, Kori has seen the positive impact the organization’s collaborative approach has had on the broader community. Promoting and offering programming for all demographics, Kori believes KGA supports Kingstonians in finding new ways to be active and stay healthy.

Fun fact – Favourite way to be physically active?
Kori loves recreational team sports for both the active and social benefits 😊

Lucie Lévesque
Board Member, Professor

Karley Salsbury
Treasurer, Sport Operations Manager Kingston Sport & Social Club

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