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Kingston Gets Active is a community coalition that works together to help you find ways to get physically active every day.
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There are many ways for kids to get active and move their bodies! We can help you find ways to get them physically active for at least 60 minutes every day.

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Youth can get physically active every day by choosing an activity that they enjoy and look forward to doing…

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Adults and Older Adults

Adults and older adults can get physically active in increments of 10 minutes or more! Our fitness tips and recommendations will help you squeeze in those 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

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The Kingston area offers a vast range of accessible physical activity opportunities. You just need to know where to look for them. We can point you in the right direction to get you moving today!

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It doesn’t get much better than free! Get active during the month of April. Find out about free activities and try something new.

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    “a work in progress” by the Inner Harbour Collective This new project includes dance films, photography, and music that will be presented through in-person gallery and cinema showings, online showings, and more events.  On August 13th, check out the Screening Room where they will present three dance films, as well as a series of photography all made for the project. Workshops on August 20th and 27th are free and open for all levels of dance!  Check out Inner Harbour Collective for tickets.  [ID #1: Black and white photo of a person dancing, with their back bent backwards, head looking up, and one arm outstretched. The person is wearing a white dress and the background is black. In the centre, white text that reads: A Work in Progress. Below, there is white text placed in a staircase fashion. It reads: A screening of international dance films. 2022/08/13/4:00PM. The Screening Room. 120 Princess Street, Kingston, ON. Artists: Quirin Brunhuber, Sophia Kamp, Charlie Skuy, The Empties.] [ID #2: Black and white photo of a person with hair cut short to their head, wearing a dress with their back to the camera. Their left arm is extended across their back as if adjusting something on their dress. In the centre, there is white text that reads: a work in progress. Below, there is white text placed in a staircase fashion. It provides dates and descriptions of the dance workshops. On August 20th, there are two workshops: Baller II by Henning Albrechtsen and Boys Introduction to Dance by Daniel Robertson-Styles. On August 27th, there are two workshops: Ballet I by Claude Marc Forest and Composition & Improvisation by Sylvia German. Workshops are happening on 574 Princess Stree, Kingston.]

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