Even though it’s cold outside, you can still find ways to get active.  Here are some of Kingston Gets Active’s tips for having an active winter season!

  1. Take the stairs! One of the easiest ways to stay active year round is to forget the elevator and take the stairs as often as possible.
  2. Bundle up and head outdoors for a winter walk.
  3. The City of Kingston offers plenty of outdoor and indoor recreational activities that are fun for all ages. The activity dates and descriptions can be easily accessed on their website.  Try skating at an outdoor rink or Market Square.
  4. Joining an intramural sports team or group fitness class is a great way to get active while having fun. Kingston’s YMCA  and the City of Kingston offer many winter classes for adults, children, and families to participate in.
  5. Active TV viewing is a great way to get moving during cold days inside. Instead of just sitting, do the ‘Commericals Workout’ – try jogging in place, doing squats or lunges, stretching, or any other form of exercise each time a round of commercials comes on.
  6. Home workouts are an excellent way of staying active indoors while saving money. Thousands of free exercise videos can be accessed online or checked out from the library.  Most of these require little to no equipment and can be performed individually or as a family.  Or put on your favourite tunes and have a family dance party.

Have fun getting active!


Submitted by Ali Somers, Kingston Gets Active Ambassador

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