1. Take the stairs as much as possible to make up for lost active time outdoors.
  2. Try at-home workouts such as body weight exercises, yoga and stretching. Download an online app, or check out a work-out video out from the library.
  3. Embrace the cold and go skating, skiing, walking, shoveling or playing in the snow. Just be sure to dress warmly!
  4. Sign up for classes with a friend! There are countless options offered by the YMCA of Kingston  and the City of Kingston. Older adults can also get active at the Seniors Centre, or take one of the many classes offered through SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) Exercise groups.
  5. Check our website for all the places in Kingston and area where you can get active.
  6. Break up sitting time by getting up to move for ten minutes for every hour spent sitting.

Article by Ali Somers, Kingston Gets Active Ambassador

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