Staying active in the winter has never been so easy! Love the outdoors? Skating, skiing, snowman-building, fort-making, walking or hiking are great ways to enjoy the winter weather and involve the entire family. Is shoveling the extent of your outdoor fix? Don’t forget about the many indoor activities and events Kingston has to offer. Sign out a Play Kit from Artillery Park, plan a family trip to the pool, a climbing gym, or stay in for a game of charades. Grade 5 and 9 students can use their ActivPass for free swimming, skating and gym use.  Whether you bundle-up to brave the cold or enjoy a snowfall from the comfort of indoors – remember staying physically active is important for our physical and mental health. Find more ideas on the Kingston Gets Active website or follow us on Facebook.

For a full list of active places around Kingston visit our website:


Submitted by Taylor Jennings, KGA Ambassador

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