What started as a swim team has now expanded into the Y Knot Abilities Programs, where kids can come and play all sorts off integrated activities and sports. The Y Knot Abilities programs are designed to allow children with physical disabilities find pride and success through achievement. Participants have the opportunity to meet friends, have fun, develop a healthy active lifestyle, all while building confidence and self esteem. It provides a place where young people can explore their abilities and find within themselves the confidence to pursue their goals and the capacity to develop the skills that will help them see the many possibilities for their future. Often, families with able-bodied children take these types of opportunities for granted, while families with children with disabilities find inadvertent road blocks and restrictions. The Y Knot Abilities Programs provide a place where brothers and sisters, able-bodied and disabled can all play together.


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YMCA of Eastern Ontario
100 Wright Crescent
Kingston, ON
K7L 4T9

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