So, why do people square dance? For many, it is the challenge of dancing their way through a continuous series of unpredictable and complex movements… the satisfaction that comes with a perfect tip, or the hilarity that comes when a dancer has a momentary brain-freeze. Others enjoy the exercise, since dancing every tip in an evening can equal a three-mile walk. Everyone enjoys the social aspect of square dancing… where else can you hug and hold hands with so many people? What other activity has an actual command to hug?! New members are welcome in September in each level. Special occasion dances held during winter which are open to members of other square dance clubs.

Cost: Membership is $10 for the year, and $6 per person per night of dancing. The first 2 classes are free!

Phone: (613) 389-6766

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Polson Park School
165 Robert Wallace Dr
Kingston, ON
K7M 1Y3

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