We care for individuals and families, respond to their neighborhood concerns to improve their health and to build healthy communities.  At KCHC we understand health in its broadest sense. We believe that health is not only affected by our genes, nutrition and fitness level but it is also strongly associated with our opportunities to work, play, learn and contribute to community. We make special efforts to serve people who have a higher risk of poor health, or people who are having difficulty finding health care because of language or cultural barriers, poverty or isolation. In all our activities, we pay special attention to the social, emotional, and financial needs of our clients since these are the pre-requisites of health.  We value our community members and therefore encourage community engagement in all activities of the organization, including at the Board level through a community governance process.
We are accredited and are a member of the Association of Ontario Health Centres.


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263 Weller Ave
Kingston ON

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