Between the pipes has been growing in many ways since it opened in 2005, from the number of students, to the technique and hockey sense that Kevin lives by. Since Kevin has not been out of the game very long he is up to date with recent practices of some of today’s best goaltenders. Over the years he has worked with a number of great goalie minds which gave him the ability to pick and choose methods that worked for him, collecting a vast array of techniques, drills and has a unique outlook on the position and game of hockey, which is constantly changing. BETWEEN THE PIPES GOALIE SCHOOL NOW WANTS TO PASS THAT ALONG TO YOU!

Kevin believes that there are many fundamentals that need to be instilled in every goaltenders game but in saying that If you look at all of the successful NHL goalies today there are not too many that look or play exactly the same. This is why when working with young students Kevin believes to work with the individual and play to their strengths regardless of style.

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548 Forest Hill Dr E
Kingston, ON
K7M 8M5

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