By Bruce Bursey, KCAT

Update (Nov 17, 2020): The Quiet Street pilot has now ended. However, you can still walk or ride this route and explore the parks along the way. Explore our “Parks and Routes” page to find out more about these parks.

Earlier this summer the Kingston Quiet Streets (QS) Pilot project was installed connecting Williamsville, Sydenham and Kings Town Districts, and the downtown, to Portsmouth District. The Pilot was implemented by the Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation (KCAT) and will run until mid-November. To learn more visit

If you have not yet had a chance to walk, ride, run or roll the route you may be surprised to learn that this route offers a quick 10-20 minute bike ride from McBurney Park and the downtown to Calvin Park and Polson Park, avoiding the busy streets of Johnson, Brock and Princess. Its an easy way to connect to parks and schools along the way too.

Suggested route McBurney Park to Queen Mary Rd Follow the the marked QS route from McBurney Park to SirJohn A MacDonald Blvd (SJA). At SJA use the pedestrian activated traffic signal crossing to Norman Rogers Dr. Travel along Norman Rogers to Mulcaster St. Turn left on Mulcaster and then follow to the pathway to Portsmouth Ave. Using the pedestrian activated traffic signal cross Portsmouth Ave to Miles Ave. Follow to Robert Wallace Dr. Follow Robert Wallace Dr to Queen Mary Rd. 

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