Jan 19, 2022. Kingston Gets Active (KGA) was 1 of 21 recipients to obtain funding from the Commonwell L.E.A.F. (Learning and Engagement Accelerator Fund) Initiative. This granting opportunity is through The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group which aims to “help bring in new programming or update and upgrade community facilities where residents learn, play, engage and gather”.

The grant supports the “Build Back Better with Kingston Gets Active” campaign through KGA Ambassador Training, KGA Ambassador Club and KGA Month. The phrase “Build Back Better” is an approach to post-disaster recovery (such as COVID-19) that builds community resilience to address physical, social, environmental and economic vulnerabilities (GFDRR, 2015). The initiatives supported by the grant are especially important to our community because as we return to sport and physical activity, developing competent, knowledgeable and committed physical activity ambassadors/volunteers will assist with physical activity outreach in the community to bring people back into the discussion and routine of physical activity.

Currently and historically, many undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University act as KGA Ambassadors. This funding helps to provide training to these ambassadors to be physical activity leaders in the community. Once trained, ambassadors will engage in community outreach such as sharing resources, supporting local events, and leading fit breaks/presentations at the request of community groups, businesses and organizations. Additionally, The KGA Club, newly established in 2021, further supports the engagement and knowledge of the trained KGA Ambassadors and creates capacity for larger community outreach. The club is part of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) at Queen’s University, which assists students in ways to network and gain valuable experience.  

To see all the “21 inspiring, community-led projects across the province that have earned L.E.A.F grants”, visit https://thecommonwell.ca/leaf/.

Kingston Gets Active is collaborative partnership developed in 2005 on the basis of collective action to increase physical activity in the local community. Presently, KGA includes 19 representatives, organizations, and institutions from various sectors including health, education, research, recreation, social, and municipal sectors. A recent milestone for KGA is becoming a not-for-profit in 2020. 

For more information on KGA activities and events, visit www.KingstonGetsActive.ca.

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