GoNoodleLooking for a fun way to get active with your kid this summer? Try GoNoodle!! GoNoodle is a FREE online resource that provides tons of activity videos for your kids to try. GoNoodle’s interactive activities provide a fun and engaging way to increase children’s activity right from their living room! From exercising and practicing physical literacy with the character’s of Finding Nemo to yoga and calming exercises, there is a video for every child to enjoy with GoNoodle.

Designed for children in kindergarten to grade 5, the activities are research based to engage attention and get kids physically and mentally more active.

It’s free for parents to sign up and with activities ranging from 1-20 minutes, it is perfect for any time of the day.

Sign up today at https://signup.gonoodle.com/get-moving?ref_id=GNlogin.

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