Free trial Karate classes are being offered by the City as part of Kingston Gets Active Month.  Parent and Child karate runs from 6-6:30pm.  Youth Karate runs from 6:30-7pm.

  • Date:  Wed, Sept 20
  • Where:  Artillery Park Aquatic Centre, 382 Bagot St. (corner of Montreal and Ordinanace St)
  • Contact: 613-546-4291 x1700

Did you know the 7 reasons to practice karate?

  1. Self-defense
  2. Fitness
  3. Confidence
  4. Coordination
  5. Focus
  6. discipline
  7. Something Different

If you love it, registered programs for children and youth will begin on Wednesdays, starting September 27; Adult drop-in karate will run Mondays 12-12:45pm (free with a wellness/gym membership).

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