A new park popped up in Downtown Kingston on August 27th, and it will remain there until September 13th. It’s the Sydenham Street Revived, which is situated on Sydenham Street between Princess and Queen. The Sydenham Street was re-created and, in addition to landscaping and seating, the park is providing opportunities to showcase local art and to bring people together for small-scale, community-driven events. At the park, you can participate in interesting workshops, play fun games, enjoy good music, watch live performances, and more!

The purpose of this project is to test out a fun and engaging pedestrian-friendly design for Sydenham Street and to evaluate its impact before the start of the next phase of the downtown reconstruction project (also known as the Big Dig).

To know what activities are going on this week, you can check the Sydenham Street Revived website. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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