CS4L Kingston requests your attendance at our Project Partner update meeting

February 20th 3:00 – 4:30pm (KFL&A Public Health Auditorium)
One year ago…
Key stakeholders from sport, recreation, health and education sectors began a conversation about how to increase the quality of sport and physical activity in Kingston.  16 organizations committed to the project and the resulting provincial grant application was successful, a two-year project worth $168,000.
CS4L Kingston is supporting residents in becoming and staying physically active through education, cross-sectoral engagement, leadership development, and program review.  Project-funded events, programming and Physical Literacy workshops are reaching 6,000 participants with 20,000 new participation opportunities.
Please join us on February 20th for a project update and to hear how your organization can stay involved.  RSVP to CS4L@CityofKingston.ca.
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