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About Sport for Life Kingston

Sport for Life (S4L) is a national movement that seeks to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada through developmentally appropriate sport, recreation and physical activity programming.  Inspired by best-practices from all over Canada, S4L Kingston is increasing opportunities for sport & recreation participation, implementing physical literacy in sport & recreation activity as a foundation for lifelong participation, and strengthening the community sport and recreation sector by building capacity.

Sport for Life Kingston Mission:

Sport for Life Kingston is a local initiative that seeks to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Kingston. We believe that the working relationship between health, sport, education & recreation directly relates to the health of our community.

  • We enhance collaboration within and across sectors.
  • We foster the integration of physical literacy concepts.
  • We actively increase opportunities for lifelong participation in play, physical activity & sport.

Looking for the Right Coach for your Child?

Finding the right coach for your child can make a huge difference in your child’s sporting experience.  This video, entitled “Your Child in Sport,”  has a list of what to look for in your child’s coach.

e-Summit Resources

The 2014 Canadian Sport for Life National Summit brought together 550 leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada.  Attached to this email are e-Summit resources which summarize the resources and best practices presented for each sector: sport, recreation, health, and education.

e-Summit resource- Sport

e-Summit resource- Recreation

e-Summit resource- Education

e-Summit resource- Health

Youth Friendly Checklist

This resource was created by CAST, a working group of youth and adults who took the lead on developing the Kingston Youth Strategy. These are CAST’s recommendations for creating a youth– friendly space, program or organization.  The checklist can be used as a resource when planning and leading programs and services for youth, and when mentoring your student employees.

Youth Friendly Checklist

Funding Programs

RBC Learn to Play Project provides grants from $1,000 to $25,000 that focus on improving the quality of sport programming, and supporting the development and implementation of physical literacy principles in local organizations and communities across Canada.

Ontario’s After School Program provides funding to help sport and recreation organizations deliver quality programs for children and youth in priority neighbourhoods.


Sport 4 Life Kingston Contact information:

  • email:
  • phone: 613-546-4291 X1713
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